Peer-to-peer solution to reduce peak video streaming loads

Our technology
ByteFog is an innovative technology that enables you to considerably diminish delivery
expenses of video content to your audience, any scale broadcasts.

Our technology permits users' devices to share content with each other, leading to a
reduced traffic loss from CDN.

Our offer
Problem of classic CDN

When the number of online users surges and the quality of content enhances, it results in an

upsurge in the cost of delivering the content.

ByteFog is a module integrated in client applications or players that allows you to deliver live traffic between users.

Due to this, it allows you to reduce the server workload 1 user = 1 source.

ByteFog supports:

  • Mobile platforms and WEB
  • HLS
  • Adaptive broadcast quality
  • P2P technology
    A system based on P2P technologies
  • Workload reduction
    Traffic workload reduction up to 60%
  • Any devices
    Supports: browsers, phones, tablets, set-top boxes and smart TV
  • DRM
    Works with DRM without restrictions
  • Optimisation
    Low resource consumption on mobile devices, 5% or less
  • Cost reduction
    Cost reduction, financial saving
Implementation results
The graphs show the traffic savings after the integration of ByteFog technology in Gb/s and in percents.

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